Guelph University Accessibility Conference 2014

Speaker Presentation

Slide 1 - Welcome

Slide 2 - Introduction

Inclusive Media and Design
Web media accessibility for all

2255b Queen St. E, Suite 1108, Toronto Ontario, M4E 1G3

Slide 3 - Session Content

Slide 4 - Glossary Of Terms

Slide 5 - Usable Accessibility

Learning together to discover best practices require:

Usable accessibility requires:

Slide 6 - Design

Illustration showing the Implementation Cycle
For the most part, we face a world, in this information age that is designed by legacy thinking.

Slide 7 - Development

Illustration showing the different guidelines for the different components
All components must work together for the Web to be accessible. There are significant interdependencies between the web development and user components.

Slide 8 - Functional Testing

This phase provides accessibility verification and is critical for an effective user testing phase.

Who is involved:

Slide 9 - Usability Testing

Who is involved:

What are the work products:

Slide 10 - Project Evaluation

Who is involved:

What are the work products:

Slide 11 - Deployment and Support

Who is involved:

The launch of a successful website will enhance your brand.

What are the work products: